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Quality Ant Extermination Solutions for Your Home

Ants are one of the most common household pests because they can quickly get into your home through the smallest openings. If you are looking for ant control in Roanoke, contact B&C Exterminating immediately. Our professionals are ready to exterminate them for good.

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How Do Ants Get Inside Your Home

Ants are also very organized social insects. For example, foraging for food, a scout can get into your home. One is small and can usually go unnoticed. This one ant is searching for food, and once the foraging ant finds a food source for the colony, the rest of the ants follow a chemical trail to collect it.

Now, you will notice them as numerous ants are doing what ants do best, finding and storing food.

Types of Ants We Exterminate in Roanoke

People may not be aware of this, but countless species of ants could plague their homes. In the state of Virginia, we have several kinds that are very persistent as they attempt to invade someone’s house or property. Depending on the type of ant, it might be more effective to use one strategy over another.

You may have one or more of these ant species plaguing your property and home:

  • Carpenter ants – These destructive ants are akin to termites in the fact that they carve out deep, long tunnels throughout the wood of your home, damaging the foundations to the core.
  • Allegheny mound ants – These extremely aggressive ants often build mounds around a home or business property located near open fields or woods. If these mounds are disturbed, the ants have been known to bite and/or spray formic acid.
Two carpenter ants next to a penny

Carpenter Ant Workers

Citronella Ant

Citronella Ant

Little Black Ant

Little Black Ant

Odorous House Ant

Odorous House Ant

Pavement Ant

Pavement Ant

Effective Protection & Security through Treatment Plans in Roanoke

It can be challenging to control ant infestations because they are the primary source of the population. In addition, the queen is buried far below ground, much more profound than your average over-the-counter ant poison can reach. If the worker ants sense danger, they will move the queen and start making another colony. Over-the-counter ant pesticides can work well if used properly. But multiple treatments and knowledge of precisely what type of ant is the most effective method as some ants common to the Roanoke valley may have more than one queen.

Our knowledgeable technicians are experienced in eradicating entire colonies. Using baits that are taken back to the queen, thus removing both the head producer and the whole nest.

Reliable Ant Control in Roanoke

Suppose you feel like you are going crazy from an infestation of ants that keeps returning. In that case, B&C Exterminating has a solution for you. Our ant control programs in Roanoke are top-rated because we can offer many methods of destroying these obnoxious ants. We have trained and licensed professionals to inspect your home for ants, identify the ant, and recommend the best solutions based on the type of ant invading your house.

So whether you need a single spot treatment or a monthly prevention plan, we can help you keep these pesky problems out of your home for good.

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