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Wasps and hornets are a very common problem in the Roanoke Valley and are in full force by the end of the summer. If you are seeing a lot of them around your home or business, please call. While they may build nests in areas that are visible to you, more often they get up under your shingles and make a nest in the soffit area of the structure where you will not be able to see the nests.

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How to Get Rid of a Beehive or Nest?

In order to get rid of a beehive for good, and help prevent a new colony from starting it would be best to call a professional. Our Roanoke bee control team are specialists in removing and preventing bees from coming back. During these service calls, we have seen some cases worse than others.

If you ever notice a beehive you should do the following, while you wait for a professional bee exterminator:

  • Do not get too close to the bees
  • Move pets away and any kids that may be near to prevent them from being stung
  • Safely try to identify where the beehive is
  • Do not use any sprays

Wasps & Hornets

Wasp nest

While bees have many important uses and tend not to aggravate people as much, they also have nastier cousins, wasps and hornets. Although bees can sting once before dying, wasps can bite and sting humans several times in multiple places. These ferocious insects need to be eradicated safely and securely, so never attempt this by yourself. In addition to removing the wasps themselves, it is also crucial to eradicate the remnants of the nests so that no scouts attempt to build new homes.

Wasp and hornet treatments starts with locating the nest. Sometime the nest is visible and other times we have to find it. Yellow Jackets that make a nest in the ground or in a wall are an example. Sometimes you have already become aware of the location, the hard way, and sometimes you are just noticing the wasps and hornets.

Rely on Our Pest Control Experts

While it is always important to rely on experts for jobs involving pests, this is doubly the case when working with bees and hornets on account of their painful stings and bites. In some cases, being bitten or stung by these creatures could result in a horrific allergic reaction, or even death. The safest way to attempt bee and wasp control is to trust B&C Exterminating to do it for you.

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