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Termite Control in Roanoke

Professional Termite Exterminating & Removal Services

Termites in the United States cause somewhere between 5 and 10 billion dollars in damage to structures annually. The Roanoke valley, because the climate, is in a part of the country where termites are very active. An area which is considered to have a lot of termite activity in comparison to areas farther north. This is because we have a warm and temperate climate. We also get substantial amounts of rain per year.

When you invest in termite protection for your home, you are investing in the protection of your biggest investment. B&C Exterminating has been inspecting, treating and providing a warranty termite infestations since 1972 and is the pest control company you can trust to get the job done. For comprehensive termite control in Roanoke, be proactive in contacting our team at B&C Exterminating. We are ready to destroy these plagues of pests before they destroy your home and property.

Call us now at (540) 274-0012 or contact us online and any one of our dedicated team members can set you up with a free estimate for termite control in Roanoke.

Controlling Termite Populations in Virginia with Our Professionals

It can be tempting to try and tackle these annoying pests on your own in hopes of saving a little money. However, when it comes to termites, there is no need to be a DIY hero. You should instead be quick to get in touch with our knowledgeable experts, who can get rid of termite colonies for good.

As a homeowner you should not attempt to treat your home for termites for these reasons:

  • Termite control requires training on how to find and treat termites effectively.
  • Termites will damage your home significantly if left untreated or improperly treated.
  • Professionals are trained and licensed to inspect, evaluate, and provide specific solutions.
  • Professionals provide the best treatment available at industries highest standard.
  • Often the area where the inspection is needed is not within easy access.
Termite Shelter Tube

Termite Shelter Tube

Winged Termite

Winged Termite

Worker Termite

Worker Termite

Keeping Termites at Bay with Termidor

Every product B&C utilizes for termite extermination is EPA approved. B&C Exterminating uses two main insecticides to prevent termites from attacking your home. The best is Fipronil (Termidor) for termite protection. It is the only product on the market that has been 100 % effective in all the USDA test sites. It is the best termite treatment to date. We also offer termite treatments using Imidacloprid which is also an excellent pesticide and a little more budget friendly.

B&C Exterminating Company uses Termidor, the world’s most effective termiticide. It offers 100% elimination of colonies in 90 days or less, up to 6 times faster than baiting systems. Termidor kills by ingestion, contact, and by termite to termite transfer whereby affected insects spread the termiticide throughout the colony before dying themselves. Termidor is applied in a responsible, low-dose treatment, with no odor.

Making a Preemptive Strike

Since Virginia usually has a temperate, warm climate, and benefits from a decent amount of rain annually, it is a beautifully green state with a flourishing tree population. Unfortunately, this kind of climate also draws termites, who seek to gnaw their way through any wood, especially houses and buildings. Because you know that homes in Virginia are susceptible to termite invasions, make a preemptive strike by getting in touch with our team at B&C Exterminating before it is too late.

B&C Exterminating believes in providing the best and most advanced in termite services and treatment. We value our customers and keep open communication with our customers about the process.

Call us today at (540) 274-0012 or contact us online to find true peace of mind with our termite control in Roanoke.

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